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Looking for remarkable pieces to design a space that reflects your creativity and talent? Check out our exceptional furniture offered to the trade, crafted to support and empower design professionals to bring their creative vision to life.

Our products are tailored for interior designers, architects, and builders demanding excellence and seeking high-end options to create functional and stylish spaces. We offer premium furniture, trade pricing, and dedicated customer support.

At PERRY Luxe, we understand your need for exceptional quality and access to premium products. By offering custom furniture and window coverings, we aim to streamline your furniture-sourcing process so you can elevate any project in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


Our furniture to the trade and window coverings are tailored for interior designers, architects, and builders demanding excellence and seeking high-end options to create functional and stylish spaces.

If you have an eye for design and visual aesthetics, you can now get your hands on exceptional pieces that are nowhere to be found except on PERRY Luxe.

Gaining access to our designer net wholesale pricing of to the trade furniture is simple and free.  We do not put any barriers towards eligibility. All you need is to be a design professional, and we send the wholesale price lists access right away!


Verification Process

Once you complete and submit your application, our team will verify your credentials

At PERRY Luxe, we understand the importance of timeliness, so we process your application as quickly as possible. After you are approved, you gain access to wholesale, trade only pricing, and you can start specifying pieces for your clients and projects.


Early Access to New Collections

Be among the first ones to explore our latest collections. By joining our email newsletter, you gain access to a catalog with a wide range of wholesale furniture for interior designers. Get your trade only furniture when expected and present remarkable design solutions to your clients.

This access allows you to incorporate unique pieces into your interior designs and differentiate yourself from competitors. Get inspired and follow the latest industry trends with ease!


Personalized Service and Support

Get expert advice and personalized and dedicated assistance to stay ahead of design trends. Whether it is product selection, custom orders, quotations, or project logistics, our team of product specialists is here to assist you. By working with us, you can ensure smooth project fulfillment from start to finish.


Special Events and Previews

Receive exclusive invitations to special industry events and showroom previews. You can get private views of our new collections and gain industry network opportunities. Events such as product launches can help you easily access trade only furniture and keep you at the forefront of the design industry.

To get all of this, we will send you an email newsletter twice a month to keep you up to date with the latest prices and furniture pieces!

How to Join

If you are interested in viewing designer net pricing, you need to complete a trade application. Once you submit your application, our team will verify it. After the verification, you will receive a password that will enable you to access our Designer Portal Resources for Trade Members.

As trade furniture suppliers for interior design, we go beyond exclusive discounts. Here are our resources designed for our trade members.


Custom Order Capabilities

Collaborate with our artisans to create pieces that reflect your vision and artistic abilities. Each of our designs can be customized according to your client’s preferences, including dimensions, materials, and finishes. We help you transform your most creative ideas into reality with high precision and excellence.


Design and Product Catalogs

Our comprehensive digital catalogs give you access to detailed information about our latest products and collections. As a result, you can make informed design choices based on specifications and pricing details.

We offer a wide range of furniture, furnishing, and fixture pieces, including window coverings, shelving, kitchen hoods, tables, seating, custom decor, and much more! Check out our catalog and transform the space by incorporating remarkable works of art.

“PERRY Luxe is a top bespoke manufacturing company with whom I have done many projects.  My company, Linda Robinson Design Associates LLC, regularly has PERRY Luxe build exceptional pieces of their sleek steel furnishings for our projects. From one focal point coffee table or fireplace surround to a house full of their furniture, their exceptional finishes in various combinations of gold, silver, and copper are unsurpassed and blend beautifully in traditional through contemporary homes.  PERRY Luxe furniture is prized by homeowners, designers, architects, and contractors worldwide. Their custom made soft window coverings and bespoke steel drapery rods are also among the best in the industry. I could not recommend them more highly.”

– Linda Robinson Design Associates LLC

“Matthew Perry and team are amazing artisans. I’m an interior designer in Old Greenwich, CT and have used them for custom mantles and furniture. If I can draw it, they can make it. The finishes are incredible, and customer service is beyond great. I highly recommend this resource.”

– Beth Krupa Interiors 

“Wow, what a beauty this table is…The quality and the craftsmanship, just stunning, truly. One can tell what is made here in the US!”

Gabriela Helesicova, Fig + Nash

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote?

Getting a quote is as simple as emailing [email protected], or calling 520-884-5152.

How long does the application process take place?

The application process for joining our Designer Portal is generally quick and straightforward. You must submit an application, which our team will review and subsequently check your credentials. You can then expect a notification for approval within a few business days.

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Join the PERRY Luxe portal now and access the finest pieces in luxury design. Get the pieces you have envisioned and enhance your professional design projects with ease. As one of the leading to the trade furniture companies, we look forward to partnering with you and welcoming you to this community. Let’s create stunning spaces that inspire and captivate with their beauty!


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