Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell exclusively to the trade?

We sell to the trade through showrooms and sales representatives throughout the United States (showrooms and reps link) and internationally. If you are interested in purchasing retail and are in an area where we do not have representation, please contact [email protected]

How do I get a quote?

For furniture quotes, email [email protected].  For Roman shade quotes, email [email protected]. For drapery quotes, please fill out a drapery quote form and email it to [email protected]. You can also call us at 520-884-5152. Our hours are 6:30am – 3:30pm Phoenix standard time.

How do I place an order?

For furniture orders, please email your PO to [email protected], or mail to Perry Luxe, 610 S. Park Avenue, Tucson AZ 85719.  We will review your order and send a job confirmation, which will include the cost of freight/crate or shipping. A 50% deposit is required before an order can go into production and before CADs are drawn up. The final balance is due prior to shipment. Accounting questions can be directed to [email protected]

For Roman shade orders, email your PO to [email protected]. For drapery orders, please fill out the drapery order form and email it to [email protected].

What method of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards, ACH bank transfer, and checks. Checks can be mailed to Perry Luxe, 610 S. Park Avenue, Tucson AZ 85719. Credit cards incur a 3.5% processing fee. When your purchase order is received, we will email you an invoice for the 50% deposit.


How is your furniture shipped?

Our furniture is shipped via freight to your desired destination, usually a furniture receiver. Furniture shipping directly to a residence may incur additional fees. We do not recommend blanket wrapping for our furniture. Our unique products require unique packaging. We manufacture high quality custom engineered wood crates that are specially designed for size, weight, shape, sensitivity and destination of the item to be shipped.   Each crate comes standard with shock and vibration protection foam dampeners on the interior and exterior of the crate.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes.  Please inquire about additional costs before submitting an order.

Do you charge for CAD drawings?

The first CAD is complimentary as well as the first simple revision, if one is needed. After that any additional CAD revisions will be charged at $75.00 each.

Do you offer custom finishes?

We offer custom finishes with a surcharge (contact us for a quote). Please provide a sample of the custom finish with the purchase order.  We will then provide you with a strike off of the custom finish match for approval.  All custom finish strike offs need to be approved by you before a piece of furniture can enter the finishing process.

Do you offer chrome or nickel plating?

Our furniture tends to be too large for the chrome and nickel plating process.  Please inquire for smaller pieces.

Does your furniture come with feet?

All Perry Luxe furniture comes with plastic levelers with an adjustable height ranging from ½” – 1 ½”, which allow for furniture to be leveled after install.  We cannot guarantee that our furniture will not scratch flooring if slid across a surface.  If you are concerned about flooring scratches we would suggest adhering felt tabs to the bottom of our levelers for added security.  Felt tabs are not provided with our furniture.

Can your furniture go outdoors?

Perry Luxe finishes are coated in an automotive grade clear coat that is UV rated.  Our leaf finishes have been tested with long term sun exposure and have held up fabulously.  Some of our natural finishes (such as Natural Black, Urban Bronze and Indigo Blue) will not withstand prolonged exposure to rain and humidity and may start to rust over time.  If ordering a piece of furniture for outdoor use please discuss this with a Perry Luxe rep when ordering.  We will finish furniture for outdoor use with an added sealant for protection.

Can living plants be put in your steel planters?

If you plan to use live plants, you will need to use a plastic planter insert.  Please specify when ordering so we can put in appropriate drain holes at the bottom of the planter.  The interior of Perry Luxe planters are coated with a waterproof tar coating but can rust with extended water exposure.

Does your furniture sound hollow when tapped on?

All Perry Luxe tables come standard with a wood substrate for sound deadening.  This includes countertops unless ordered otherwise.

What's involved with your LED light option for tables?

All LEDs are mounted in an extruded aluminum channel with a soft light diffuser to minimize any glare and are powered by a large capacity battery hidden inside the table leg. Each table comes with a multifunctional charger so the lights can be trickle charged along with standard charging. The lights are controlled with a remote control so that the end user can adjust the light brightness, strobe and color. Tables also come with an easy-to-access built-in charging port so that no dangling wires are exposed.


How do steel countertops get installed?

Typically our counter top rests right on top of an existing wood substrate and is glued into place. Usually the counter top is specified during construction or remodeling and the contractor or cabinet installer can provide us with the finished measurements. Providing us with a wood template is preferred but we communicate with all parties involved to ensure a flawless installation.

What size do countertop and table top aprons come in?

Countertop aprons can be fabricated in 1″, 1 ½”, 2″ and up in ½” increments.  

How thick is the wood on a top substrate?

Wood substates are available in ½”, ¾”, 1″ and 1 ½” thickness.  Please specify desired thickness on your purchase order.

Are Perry Luxe steel countertops durable and safe to prepare food on?

Like all countertops, common sense care is important. A cutting board should be placed between the top surface and any food for preparation. For maximum life expectancy, don’t slide rough bottomed objects like pots and crystal across the finish. Drinks may leave a circle that can be easily removed and food and alcohol spills will not harm the finish. Simply wipe up any spills while they’re still wet, or clean them up with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Avoid using scouring detergents or scouring pads as they could scratch the finish. 


Do your kitchen range hoods come with an exhaust fan?

We supply exhaust fans or our hoods can be built to fit over your exhaust fan. If you’re using an existing exhaust fan, we do provide a liner cap that covers the gap between our kitchen range hood and your exhaust fan. 

How do I determine the best kitchen range hood size to order?

The width of your kitchen range hood should be at least as wide as the cooking surface underneath or 3” wider on each side. It should cover all back burners and at least half of the front burners.  

Tip:  The depth should be 2”-3” less than the depth of the cooking surface so you don’t bump your head.

If the kitchen range hood sits over an island the hood should be approximately 3” wider than the cooktop all the way around.

The height of your kitchen range hood should be approximately 20”-24” above an electric cooktop and 24”-30” above a gas cooktop.

What is a liner cap?

Perry Luxe provides a cap that covers the gap between our kitchen range hood and your exhaust fan.  The liner cap is made out of steel and finished to match the main body of the hood.  It gets secured with screws (provided) to the bottom of the hood after the hood and fan/blower motor are fully installed.

What information do I need to provide when ordering a Perry Luxe Kitchen Range Hood?

We will need to know the following information when ordering:

  • The overall width, depth and height of the hood.  
  • The kitchen hood style (from our collections or your custom design).
  • Do you want strapping or rivets (register for pricing)?
  • What finish would you like on the hood? Is it a two-tone finish? If so, please specify which finish is the main finish and which is the accent finish.
  • The kitchen range hood goes over your exhaust fan so please provide a specification sheet that shows the dimensions so that we can design the liner cap accordingly.
  • Specify any custom details required. 

How is a Perry Luxe kitchen range hood installed?

Please view our Install Instructions (PDF)


How far should the bottom of a drapery sit above the floor?

Our standard is ½” above the floor line but ultimately it’s your preference.

Do you make deductions for draperies?

We do not make deductions for drapery lengths.  We will build the drapery to the size ordered on the purchase order unless you ask for assistance making deductions. 

How do draperies hang?

All draperies come standard with drapery pins ½” down from the top of the drapery header.  Some designers order draperies with hand-sewn rings.  In this case, the drapery will not come with hooks but instead with rings that you have supplied or ordered from us. 

What is buckram?

Buckram is a polyester stiffener added to the top of a drapery to add structure to the pleats and header.  All Perry Luxe draperies come standard with buckram at the header unless “Soft Top” (no buckram) is specified on the purchase order. 


What is the deduction for inside mounted roman shades?

We deduct ¼” from the window opening for inside mount Roman shades.  We don’t make deductions on the length.  For example, if the window is 36″ w x 36″ h, final shade size will be 35 ¾” w x 36″ h.

How much should an outside mount Roman shade overlap the window?

A safe overlap is to add 2″-3″ on each side,  3″ on the bottom and 7″ minimum above the window for the shade stack. These dimensions should help reduce light from seeping behind the shade. 

What is Interlining?

Interlining is a flannel material that gets sandwiched between the face fabric and lining of a Roman shade or drapery.  It can offer additional thermal properties to interiors with colder climates.  

What colors are the linings available in?

Standard stock colors are white and ivory.  Other colors are available upon request.

How big does a Roman shade stack?

It depends on the shade length, style, fabric thickness, and operation.  On average the shade stack will be around 13% of the finished length.  For example, if the shade is 96″ long the stack will be approximately 13″-14″.  *Please note this calculator is based on a flat Roman shade with standard fabric thickness and standard light filtering lining.

How deep is a Roman shade headrail?

Braided Cord and Continuous Chain = 1 ½” wide

Wireless Motor = 2 ¼” wide

Standard Motor = 3 ½” wide

Can you turn a headrail for a tighter fit against the wall/window?

Yes, but only on a braided cord or cord lock operation.

What operations are available for Roman shades?

Roman shades can be ordered to have a braided cord, a braided cord with a cord lock, cordless lift system, continuous chain, or motorized (standard, RTS, or Wirefree).

How are Perry Luxe Roman shades installed?

How are curved Roman shades installed?

Just like normal shades.  Outside mount shades will have L brackets and inside mount shades will have screws that go through the head rail into the ceiling or window jam.

Can Perry Luxe make concave and convex curved Roman shades?

Yes, we can curve Roman shades both convex and concave.

Which Roman shade styles work best for curved Roman shades?

Grommeted Pleat Roman shades are our top choice but Sewn In Pleats, Fold Forwards and Flats all work well for curved Romans.

What operation do you offer curved Roman shades in?

We offer curved Romans in our standard braided cord with a cord cleat or cord lock.  We also offer motorized curved Roman shades.  At this time we cannot offer curved Roman shades with a continuous chain operation.

What fabrics do you recommend for curved Roman shades?

We recommend soft fabrics, light to medium weight that don’t crease easily.  Chenille fabrics are a good example.

Can I order an unlined curved Roman shade ?

Yes, but it must be a Sewn in Pleat.

How deep is a curved Roman shade head rail?

Anywhere from 2″-3″ for manual operation and 4″-6″ for motorized.  The head rail thickness depends on the overall size of the curved Roman.  A smaller radius shade will have a 3/4″ thick head rail. While larger radius shades will have a 1 1/2″ thick head rail.

Do outside mount curved Roman shades have hard returns?

Yes. Our standard returns for outside mount shades are 6″ long.  Please specify if another length is required or if you prefer soft returns (made out of fabric) vs. hard returns (fabric covered wood).  Please note, we normally taper each end of the headrail on curved shades in order to reduce the projection gap at the sides of the shade.  Please let us know if you don’t want the ends of your head rail tapered when ordering.

What information do I need to provide you in order to get a quote for curved Romans?

We will need the following information in order to correctly quote out a curved Roman shade.
  • Length of curve (width of shade)
  • Finished height of the shade
  • Operation (braided cord w/ cleat, braided cord w/ cord lock or motorized)
  • Shade style
  • Lining type (light filtering or blackout)

What information do I need to provide you when ordering a curved Roman?

We will need the following information in order to correctly write up your order for a curved Roman shade:

  • All curved Roman shades will need a template of the curve with the order. See instructions on how to make a template. 
  • Finished length of curve (width of shade)
  • Finished height of shade
  • Operation (braided cord w/ cleat, braided cord w/ cord lock or motorized)
  • Shade style
  • Lining type (light filtering or blackout) & color selection
  • Handing (What side you want the braid or motor on while facing the front of the shade)
  • Is the shade inside mount or outside mount

How do I make a template of my window for a curved Roman shade?

Please see these instructions.

Can battery motors be used for curved Roman shades?

If the shade is small and the curve isn’t too tight it’s certainly possible.  Call us to verify.